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Above all else, you’re selling YOU.
Learn how to get in your lane and dominate!

Sis, let’s be real: you don’t know what you don’t know. And that’s OK! You got this far with nothing but your tough-as-nails work ethic and elbow grease. 

Now it’s time to give you the roadmap you need to start feeling less scattered and more in control of your business growth. 

If you’re in need of some flexible, yet immediate support, sis... we need to talk. 

In this one-on-one Marketing Assessment, we’ll get to the heart of what’s really going on in your business. Then, I’ll give you three marketing tactics you can implement right away. 

Where do I even BEgin?

The Marketing Assessment

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By the end of our 90 minutes together, you’ll feel refreshed, refocused, and reinvigorated to get those wins!

How to Go From “Terrified!” to “Terrific!”


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Master the #1 marketing tactic that will set you apart from your competition, attract in your tribe, and start selling with ease!

Let’s be honest, sis... How long can you keep going like this? You’re tired of exchanging your time for money. Your sales machine is stagnant. And your marketing game is scattered, at best. 

It’s time to build consistency into your sales and revenue generation so you can return to the greater why behind your business – your truest expression, happiness, and freedom.

I can’t keep going like this...

The Burnout Blocker

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Through 8 weeks of intensive coaching and work together, we’ll transform your service-based business from the inside out. By the end of our time together, you’ll have: 

An Ideal Customer Avatar
A clear understanding of Your True, Marketable Expertise
A complete Market-Ready Digital Product, including: 
-  Course Curriculum
-  Market-Matched Pricing
-  Launch Support
A Suite of Marketing Materials
Clarity on Sales Goals & Revenue Targets
30 & 90 Day Post-Launch Check-ins

Client Love


I’m halfway to my monthly sales goal just a few days into the month! I’ve been doing as Deb said and planning my content out weekly, it really helps.

Owner of A+ Credit Solutions


Let me just say my coaching call tonight was FIRE! Deb broke my game plan down so simple and put all the pieces together in 4 weeks.

Owner of Johnson’s Financial Health


All I can say is Deb Lester knows exactly what the hell she’s doing and this is the best engagement my business page has gotten.

Owner of Fancy Dollz Collection

Sis, let me congratulate you! You’ve worked hard to get here. You’ve got your sales engine on and you’re hitting those $5-10k months. Damn, success looks good on you! 

Now, you’re ready to scale... but the thought of doing more – more marketing, more connecting, more selling – has you rethinking the path you’ve chosen. 

Don’t worry – it’s not about doing more. In fact, I’m going to teach you how to do less, do it more effectively, do it more consistently, and get those bigger results you’re after without losing your love for your business in the process. 

I’m ready to scale, sis!

Marketing Mastery

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Over the course of three months, we’ll work one-on-one together to: 

Optimize your Marketing Strategy & Customer Avatar
Remap your Customer Journey
Ensure your Offer-Audience Matching is on point!
Monetize Your Facebook Group
Build consistency into your Powerful Marketing Tactics
Learn how to Sell Without Selling!
Collect & Leverage Social Proof
Leverage Your Low-Hanging Fruit for quick wins in the business!