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Learn how to turn on the sales machine by mastering the marketing tactics you need to show up, show out, and get results!



You’re probably a lot like me, sis. I followed the path I was supposed to... but that wasn’t enough for me. 

Leveraging all that I learned from corporate America, I helped a friend launch a boutique business. Then I did it again. And again. And again – including launching my own tech apparel business and growing it using the marketing and sales tactics I teach my clients today.

Sales Coach & Marketing Consultant

Some of us women need more out of life, and that’s OK!

My clients often experience a 300 - 500% increase in sales after working with me.

I do what I do so that women can live lives bigger and better than they ever imagined – on their own terms. 

It’s time to start chasing your gift and your purpose. To do that, you need to go out on your own, build your own confidence in yourself, and conquer your life circumstances.


Client Love

Kayla Muldrew

My very first one on one call I was floored with how much information she gave. I had sense of direction but when I tell you she got me all the way together she did just that. By the time we got off the call, my mind was in overdrive. I highly recommend this sweet vibrant queen, the energy is unmatched.

Owner of Butterfly Evolution

Carolynne Worrell

Deb Lester! I just wanna say thank you!! You are walking in your purpose cause My God since taking your course I make money daily! My sales have doubled! Thank you for all you do!! My consistency is on point! Vision clear! You are the real MVP!

Owner of SephJuan’s Jewelry

If you’re in need of some flexible, yet immediate support, sis... we need to talk. In this one-on-one Marketing Assessment, we’ll get to the heart of what’s really going on in your business. 

I’ll also give you three marketing tactics you can implement right away. 

By the end of our 90 minutes together, you’ll feel refreshed, refocused, and reinvigorated to get those wins!

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Marketing Assessment

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Let’s be honest, sis... How long can you keep going like this? You’re tired of exchanging your time for money. Your sales machine is stagnant. And your marketing game is scattered, at best. 

It’s time to build consistency into your sales and revenue generation so you can return to the greater why behind your business – your truest expression, happiness, and freedom. 

The Burnout Blocker

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Running a product-based business is far more intricate than most entrepreneurs anticipate. 

And I’ll tell you this, sis... There’s no such thing as too much marketing!  

If you got into your business because you love what you sell, but the mechanics of running your business are making you lose that love, it’s time for a marketing makeover.

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How to Go From “Terrified!” to “Terrific!”


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Master the #1 marketing tactic that will set you apart from your competition, attract in your tribe, and start selling with ease!

At Conquer, our mission is to leverage the vast potential of online business and digital marketing to break the curses on our past generations, understand our true selves, and equip every woman with the tools she needs to gain confidence and achieve genuine happiness. 

There are many points in life where you can be led to the steps to success. But if you’re not willing to put in the work to climb them, you’ll never reach your true potential.

Why Conquer?

We’re here for the doers, the hustlers, the can’t-help-but-workhard badass bosses who refuse to let history repeat itself.

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If you’re ready to demand more from life, you’re in the right place, sis!